poetry is bliss

Writer & Teacher

Ink and Ink and Flesh and Length, a collection of 100-word prose poems, is forthcoming through London’s the Black Spring Press Group. In 2019 the manuscript was shortlisted for the Sexton Prize for Poetry.

Immediacy, intelligibility, heart, and depth that unfolds in multiple readings; this is what my poetry strives for. Precision of image, narrative, and language are central.  My work has won Canada Council Arts Grants and Eisner Prizes among other honors.  Six Months’ Rent (Black Moss Press), Pregnant Poems (Black Moss Press), Into the Peculiar Dark (Mercury Press & bpNichol Foundation), and The Exit Show (Palimpsest Press) are my full-length published poetry books. when the light of any action ceases (Finishing Line Press) is my recent poetry chapbook. I completed interdisciplinary American Literature and Culture doctoral work at the University of California, Berkeley.

I am at LinkedIn here, Facebook here, Cinnamon Girl here, and San Jose State  here.

A May 2017 interview in Night Music Journal is here.

Photo by Misha Bruk.