Leaving and returning, and having multiple simultaneous lives parallel to my academic one, has helped me to have some concrete understanding of plurality. Plurality informs my writing, editing and teaching. Currently I direct the Graduate Writing Program at Holy Names University, Oakland, California.

At fifteen I left high school, taking almost two years to wander before coming into an early entrance at York University in Toronto.  After completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing, I wrote poetry.  Bread and butter for me at that time was to write, produce, and lead writing workshops for an independent film company in Toronto.

My first book of poetry (Six Months Rent) was published, and my second (Pregnant Poems) had been accepted, before I returned to school to earn my Master of Fine Arts degree in English from Mills College, where I founded Redwood Coast Press.  My son was a two-year-old when I turned to graduate school, and I raised him while in my studies. During Master of Arts work in Urban Social Geography at Berkeley, my third book of poetry (Into the Peculiar Dark) was published.  While completing the interdisciplinary doctorate in American Urban Poetics at Berkeley, my fourth book (The Exit Show) found publication. American Urban Poetics, my doctoral dissertation in cultural poetics, was published in 2010 while I taught writing at the University of California, Merced.

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