Blogging about Inception WRI 10 16

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57 thoughts on “Blogging about Inception WRI 10 16”

  1. Inception was definitely one of the best movies I have seen so far. I never actually stopped to think about that when one dreams one’s mind thinks the dream is actually occurring, that the dream is reality, until I saw this movie. I guess that’s kind of the effect with my writing I don’t actually know how bad i’m writing sometimes until I stop and really think about it. Many people in this movie thought that a dream within a dream within a dream couldn’t happen but Cobb knew he could do it. Cobb knew Inception was possible. There are always going to be times in life when someone tells you, you can’t do something but you just have to believe in yourself that you can. I believed in myself that I could put forth my best effort in this class and I did.

    It seemed to me that this movie just sparked a trigger in my brain and made me think deep about reality. Now I think of dreams differently and sometimes I ask myself what if i’m still dreaming? Also the ending stuck to me the most when Cobb see’s his children again but the top is spinning and wobbling but still spinning. Was Cobb just seeing things was it real or just a dream? or was he stuck between a dream and reality? It definitely made me think a lot and ponder about life through a different perspective.

    1. I agree that Inception is one of the best movies i have watched as well. I also agree that you have to believe in yourself if you want to get something done. Many people do try to put you down and tell you, you can’t but if you trust and believe in yourself you can do it. The end “stuck” to me as well because it is left to us to decide if Cobb was still dreaming or not.

    2. I would have to agree with you that this movie is one of the best movies I have also seen thus far. The theme of a dream within a dream, and the part of being able to get stuck in the Limbo intrigued me and scared me all at the same time.

      1. The whole thought of being stuck within the dream realm is something worth considering if you where in the movie. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder that our dreams can resemble what happens in Inception. There are nights that i wake up and think back on my dreams and cant seem to understand how i went from one dream to another. This sort of happened in the movie because as they went deeper into the dreams the whole scenery would change and the purpose for being there.

    3. I really like how you related the movie to your work and this class, I had not thought about the movie in that aspect but you are right. I don’t dream that often so I never really question if i’m dreaming because I rarely remember then or am aware of dreams that I have. It was definitely a good movie and at the end I think that he was in a dream but thats my opinion.

    4. I also have to agree that Inception is one of the best movie that I had seen so far in my life. Life is hard to live but easy to die. I think that why many people take the death route because they could not handle the pressure of living. I think that way many people enjoy sleeping a lot more living life. We all have our up and downs in life and we just have to keep a positive look in life just to make it the next day in our darkest hour.

  2. I had never watched this movie before and my roommates told me right away that I would love it. Coincidentally I did, its one of those movies where you cant miss a beat of it because if you do your lost. Leonardo DiCaprio ways tends to be in these kinds of movies. For a second it reminded me of Shutter Island because they keep you thinking even after the movie is over.

    The whole concept of dreams within a dream is really interesting, mainly how they where using it to change an individuals decisions. Event though its a movie a part of me wonders if this is even possible by now. Hacking into peoples dreams and controlling them to your liking, sound so cool but dangerous I would love to do it too.

    1. This is actually my third time watching the movie, but I remember when everyone told me that this movie was great before i watched it. I like the concept of a dream within a dream as well. After watching this movie i always question or not whether inception is really possible, because honestly it would be cool to see.

    2. My roommate also told me to really pay attention without blinking so that way I would not a huge important detail that would probably mean a lot later in the movie. And I agree, that this movie does leave you in wonder of amazement of what is going to happen next. After the movie I also was thinking the same, if maybe I was in someone else’s dream or even if I was in my own dream. Or even then, if I go to sleep tonight I will dream too long and be stuck in Limbo.

    3. I definitely agree that you can’t be distracted during this movie. I know my friend paused the movie whenever I needed a clarification the first time I watched it. I also tend to think about “Inception” after it was over. It would be cool if there was such a thing as inception, though it does seem to be a dangerous weapon.

    4. I agree with you that you can’t miss a part of the movie because you’ll be lost and won’t know what is happening. I loved that the movie kept me thinking even at the end of the movie almost as if saying the ending depends on the viewer’s perspective. Hacking into dreams would be awesome, but our last bit of privacy would be taken away.

      1. That’s so true, our dreams tend to be a reflection of our selves but on a different level. If Inception where to be possible not even we could have some sort of privacy in our own minds. Being a part of an era where we make our own lives so public because of the social media, having others hacking into your dreams to know more about you would be awful.

    5. I like your last comment. It would be interesting if one could hack into another’s dream, but then again, he or she will be invading their (somewhat) privacy, but if I can, I would also like to try. Inception is one of those films that keeps our minds running even after is ends. I’m glad you gave the film a try and enjoyed it.

    6. I feel like everybody could tell you to watch the movie and would love the movie. I do not like taking people words unless i have seen it for myself. I know what you mean by not missing a beat. I feel like this movie is a roll-a-coaster because everything builds up and then when it hit the climax, everything drops very quickly and before you know it, it is over.

    7. I can honestly agree the the concept of dreaming is really interesting. I wondered after I watched the film it is really real. It would be an interesting capability to hack others dreams although it would seem like an invasion of privacy.

  3. I have seen this movie multiple times. And it never fails to leave me stumped in one way or another. Watching it this time, I was keeping in mind my thoughts about translations. I think the translations from dreams to reality in this movie are the most recurring and obvious but at the same time they are the most captivating. How do these characters keep from not getting immersed in one or the other? What is reality even? Is it based on perception? CAN it be based only on perception? This movie brings me back to a lot of the crazy thoughts I have had that I sometimes repress. But this movie sort of tells you these things are okay to think about… Then I remember how the main character Tom describes an idea as resilient and even infectious and think twice.
    Translations in the respect of science to “Hollywood” are also interesting. I am taking a cognitive science class and have since learned that the whole “we only use ¼ of our brain” thing is a total myth. But there is also some truth in the Hollywood interpretation of the science behind it. The subconscious is something that is very questionable, are we even conscious? How do we know we are conscious? The ‘projections’ in the dreams make me think about my own dreams. I must have seen the people in my dreams somewhere, or do we just construct these strangers in our own minds? This movie always provokes my thoughts and raises so many questions in my mind and I hope everyone enjoyed watching it.

    1. I have seen this movie as well and i agree that the translations in this movie are basically from dream to reality and vice versa.I like the way you questioned reality, because this movie has also made me question reality in some instances. My Psychology teacher in high school talked about “projections” and how the people you see in your dream are the actual people that you have seen in reality but you physically wasn’t paying attention to them but your mind was, Just a thought to answer your question.

    2. The translations they make are very interesting and definitely make one think about their own life. I understand where you are coming from with thoughts that you really don’t dwell on or really dive into but the movie brings a lot of those thoughts out and helps you expand on them. The 1/4 of brain usage is a myth?? I had no idea! A lot of people are relating it to and thinking about there dreams, I cannot do this because I don’t remember any, sort of sad.

    3. I understand what you mean. I feel that if i would watch it over and over again, I would just fine new things that i was not able to catch the first time. I feel that translation is what make this movie great in the first place. I feel that going into one thing into another was a great way to capture the audience attention. I know I did. I also enjoy this movie very much.

    4. I feel as though if I watch the film again it would make me still keep thinking about different ideas. I think translations and reality are so captivating only because it is one of the only things that truly make us wonder. I think there is mainly truth to be found in the saying m”we only use 1/4 of our brain” there is so much that we can do except we don’t believe in ourselves.

    5. I have also seen this film multiple times, but take away something new each time. I also feel that one of the messages for the viewers is that questioning reality and perceptions is normal. I wonder about the ‘strangers’ that present themselves in my dreams too, and the magnitude of creation in our unconscious.

  4. Inception is an exceptional movie. I never thought a movie could have a concept of transitioning from one “level” of life to the next. This movie made me think about life being a dream or reality. I liked this movie because it had strong characters in it and they made the movie seem so real. I like how in the end of the movie you find out what was going in the beginning. The idea of having a dream within a dream is the basic concept of the movie that i find most intriguing.

    I have seen this movie before as well, but watching it again i was able to focus more on how they transitioned from one level to the next. In the end I like that you have to guess whether or not Cobb was in reality or in a dream. I also liked the team as a whole, how they were able to collaborate with another and try to get people’s darkest secrets from their dreams. Overall this movie has really sparked my mind in how someone can come up with such a fascinating movie to show our brains working in “different” way.

    1. I agree that this movie is exceptional in creating transitions into the real life. Making a connection with the audience to make them think whether or not this life is a dream or the reality. The idea of a dream within a dream also caught me in amazement in thinking that there was such a thing possible. I honestly agree that this movie got my mind thinking more than I had ever thought about the reality of life.

    2. I can agree with you that the characters in this movie really made the movie much more interesting and made it seem so real, and I also liked the flashbacks in the movie. Yes I liked the ending to because it was more of the viewers perspective and what they thought happened to Cobb. It was a fascinating movie I totally agree with you.

    3. I agree with what you said about the characters in this movie being strong. I think the fact that the movie seems so real is what makes it good. If it didn’t seem like ‘real life’ I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much. I think that is what makes it so captivating, and what gets you thinking that it could be real.

  5. This was the second time I have watched “Inception” and it is still a new experience. I guess that could be translation, how there are different ways that I understood how the dreams, sedatives, “kicks” work, what happened to Mal, limbo, the differences between “dying,” and trying to “kick” someone after they are dead. The movie left me again with many questions, but also answered some questions I had from the first time I watched it. I can see that the beginning was a prologue and the ending of the movie. I find it difficult to try to watch “Inception” since I do want to know what happened in the end with Saito and Cobb.
    I can now also make in-depth analysis questions instead of just plot and “what happened there” questions. I wonder if Cobb is just insane for trying Inception on his wife. I personally would not risk it because of the unknown implications. The thing about translation that I got from “Inception” was that there are so many translations and possibilities that could be a dream or reality.

    1. Translating from dream to reality or vice versa can be very difficult because there are often times when a person wakes up from a dream and think did all that really happen and they have to go through some of the days events to realize that it was all just a dream. It is incredible how the brain can create a story while the individual is asleep and make it seem totally like reality.

  6. I remember the first time watching this movie in theaters and being completely lost during the entire introduction, waiting for something to click. About halfway in, I eventually got on track with the storyline and the seemingly never-ending plot-twists. Watching this movie again definitely reinstated how brilliant the directors and actors are, and also reminded me of how much I like Leonardo DiCaprio. The idea of unleashing and altering the unconscious mind through dreams is mind-blowing. Although the basis of the story is not a new concept (eliminating a man in power in order to take over an empire), the means of achieving this task and the multiple components are truly innovative. There is the love story/broken family aspect, the guilt/anxiety the main character endures and projects on , and the collective team-work for a common goal.

    Each and every time Inception is mentioned, it seems as though the first thing people want to discuss is the ending. I have held the same belief about it each time I watch: he was back in reality. I feel this way because the top is wobbling before the scene cuts, which indicates that it was going to fall over, meaning he was no longer stuck inside of a dream. However, I also feel that it isn’t entirely necessary to declare if it were reality or dream. He is focusing on his children, no longer under the spell of the spinning top. The guilt has evaporated, he can finally live for the important things in his life: his children.

    1. **Last sentence of the first paragraph should read: “There is the love story/broken family aspect, the guilt/anxiety the main character endures and projects on those surrounding him, and the collective team-work for a common goal. **

    2. After I finished watching the movie my roommates and I where discussing the ending as well. I personally believed that Leonardo DiCaprio was still stuck in the dream realm because the top keep spinning for such a long time and never completely stopped. Then again whether or not he is still stuck doesn’t matter, the most meaningful part was seeing that he had accepted that his wife was no longer with him and his acceptance to keep moving forward by being there for his children.

    3. I did also take awhile to for the whole concept to click. I kept getting confused about what was going on and if it was just another dream. Me personally can keep watching the ending over and over that just how captivating it is.

  7. I heard about the movie Inception but never really knew what it was about. My roommate kept talking about how amazing this movie was and that I had to watch it, but when I would ask her the plot summary of it she wouldn’t be able to do so. Now that I got the opportunity to see the movie I can honestly say this movie was amazingly awesome. The transitions of scenes, dreams, and transitions of purposes for each action within the dreams and realities were brilliant.

    All these transitions kept the movie so intriguing and suspenseful in a way to make connections in between each other. As my first time watching this movie I was so impressed at the genius plotting that I had to stop for a brief moment to take in everything that was being said. I love the ending, it keeps the audience thinking and makes a connection to its audience to even then still keep them intrigued.

    1. My friends were also giving high praises for “Inception” and also could not explain to me the summary, hence the complex plot and characters. I had to keep pausing the movie my first time around to get the each new plot twist around my head. I agree that the ending keeps the audience thinking, even after the movie ends, but I do want to know how Cobb’s life ended up.

    2. I like how you said you were impressed by the plot. I think that’s the perfect word to describe it. The story line is so intricate and engrossing. But at the same time the characters seem to keep track of dreams vs. reality easily. It is very weird to think about but I think the execution of the movie was key to its success.

    3. See I knew about Inception because of all the memes that are on Tumblr but I never actually got a chance to see. Alot of my friends have been telling me to watch it but I never had the chance to. I agree on how the transition of the film made everything so suspenseful. You didn’t know what was gonna hit you next!

  8. This is my first time watching Inception and to be honest I wasn’t a fan of it. And usually I am a fan of awesome movies. But I think I wasn’t a fan of it was because I was so confuse. I felt lost with majority of the film. The intro scene got me confuse right from the get go. It took me awhile that it was “a dream within a dream”. It was hard to follow the story because majority of the time I wasn’t sure if it was reality or dream that was going on. Not to mention the twist and turns of the story plot (but I was really fond of this because I love twists and turns in thing I watch).

    Now time for the praising of the film! The acting cast for this movie was amazing! Leonard DiCaprio acting was great (maybe that why I was still able to finish watching the movie). The cinematography was excellent. It made everything so vivid, like you were almost in the movie. I feel that I have to re-watch this movie again just so one: I don’t get confuse and two: have an even better understanding of the story.

    1. Yeah I agree that the movie was a bit confusing in the beginning, but i’m sure you’ll get a better view of it maybe watching it a second time? YES! the actors were very good I agree with you. I can also agree with you that the movie seemed so real to me and I think we all got confused in some parts but i’m sure if you re-watch it everything will make sense.

    2. The film is confusing, but I guess that’s what I found interesting about it. Unlike other films where I know exactly what is going to happen, for Inception it keeps me wondering if everything was just a dream and soon enough all the characters will wake up to their reality. I couldn’t have agreed more on the acting and the cast. Everyone was amazing.

  9. When inception came out I kept hearing all the buzz to go see that it would be amazing. Although I was never in a big hurry to go see it. Today was my first time watching the film, I can honestly regret waiting this long to see this movie. To put it simply it was amazingly awesome. Right off the bat I right away thought what if this is really reality. I would definitely recommend this film to anyone that hasn’t watched it.

    As weird as it might sound, I now have a different perspective on life. This movie really makes you question what you are capable of in real life. Just as Cobb did things that certain people thought was impossible just shows that really anything is possible. It was surprising though how they needed certain people to do certain things such as an architect to design the dream. The last crazy thing was how they each had to have an item to make sure they were awake, I think I might do that.

    1. If reality was as crazy as “Inception,” I don’t think I could wrap my head and thoughts around it. I think that every time I watch this movie, I gain another aspect of life. Maybe in one of our dreams, we’ll have that item so we can finally know it was only a dream and realize it while we are still in our dream and not when we finally wake up.

    2. I am glad you liked the movie and I agree, I would also recommend this movie to people who haven’t seen it. I think the different ‘jobs’ like architect are very interesting. I can’t imagine how amazing it would be to create a whole world just the way you want it, I think that would be the most fun job.

    3. Glad you like that movie. Funny, the first time I heard Inception I thought it was a horror film, but after watching the trailer, I found it to be much more interesting than horror films. It is amazing how this film it brought out and creatively crafted and keeps the audience surprised with its twist. Sometimes it keeps me wondering as well if we are really in the reality or is it still a dream?

    4. It actually doesn’t sound all that weird to have a changed perspective because I remember how different I viewed things after seeing Inception the first time. I think that’s what the director wants from his audience; to recognize our capabilities. I think the architect is needed to make the movie seem applicable to real-life.

  10. Inception was a great movie, that was a little hard to follow from the beginning because the whole concept of inception was something that I have never thought about. I enjoyed the actors and the whole plot of the movie, especially after understanding what was going on. It is crazy how there are dreams inside of dreams and then one more at that. If this sort of thing could actually take place in society, the insertion of ideas into someones head by entering their dreams a lot of things would change and be dangerous especially for leaders of society.

    To me dreams never mean anything, they are simply something that I was thinking about before I went to bed or something that came into my mind while I was sleeping. I fee like a lot of people think that dreams have some significant meaning and can be interpreted however I do not. Watching the film has not changed my perspective on dreams other than the fact they might be more enjoyable to have because of having seen the movie. The movie was great and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys movies, even if you are not a big movie buff this is a must see.

    1. I totally agree on how it was hard to follow from the beginning (then again I was confused throughout the whole movie). I think the actors did make the movie great to understand. I think I was mind blow about how they interpret dreams.

    2. I find it funny cause there is an idea of lucid dreaming where it is like this film. You are able to control what happen in your dream, making it literally, your ideal reality. I have tried to lucid dream, but it is not very easy at all, but I will continue to try!

  11. Inception is a great film and re-watching it again had me thinking about dream verses reality once more. The plot, actors, and how the film was directed had always amazed me. The most interesting part about this film is the dream sequences. A dream within a dream of another dream is insane, but take that verse the reality and here I’m thinking how the producer was able to make this all possible. Inception is like one of those crazy dreams that we’ll have once in a while and will think about it for days.

    Prior to watching Inception back when it released, I never really placed any thoughts on my dreams. Once in a while I’ll wake up from a dream, but still find myself somewhat asleep and in another dream. It sounds crazy, but also interesting how the unconscious mind loves to play tricks on us when we’re unconscious in our sleep. I can never get bored of Inception because it keeps my mind moving and thinking.

    1. I agree with how the acting and how the film was directed was really good. I can’t say that the plot was good because I have to rewatch it again so I get a better understanding. Yes!!! Totally agree with a dream within a dream is insane!! I only experienced it once and it was very bizarre!

    2. I agree with the ideas of dreams and realities. Watching the film really makes me think about life and dreams in general. I always viewed my dreams as meaning something about my personality, but I have never let my dreams become a part of my life. It is different because there are real people who love the idea of sleeping because they are able to live in their own realities and not worry about others.

    3. The unconcious mind is interesting to study. We continuously think about random sights and thoughts that are activated by small triggersthe idea of inception is intellectually challenging to think about becasue it would change everything we know about our life.

  12. Inception was a very interesting movie i have seen thus far in my life. When it first came out in public, I thought the media was just over advertising because it was not getting enough viewers. it actually turned out better then what i was expecting. The plot itself, was a big trip because you had to keep up with the story. Otherwise, you will get easily lost and have to watch the movie again ( from where you started getting lost from). I heard from many other people that had seen the movie, that it pretty interesting to know what one dreams about. I feel that sometimes it kind of hard to tell which is a dream and which is reality in the movie because they keep going back and fourth really quickly. Well, at least going into one dream into another dream.

    The movie “Inception” made me think about what is really real and what is a dream (fake). Sometimes when things in life starts to give you everything you want and it happens. I start to ask myself if this is all real? Overall, I think that we just got to enjoy on what we have and just appreciate everything that we got because everything we have could all be taking away in a blink in an eye. The ending of the movie causes me to think of what is a dream or reality. I feel that I should myself that question contently.

    1. Dreams can affect the way we act in our lives. When I have a terrible dream at night I wake in a negative way. Inception is interesting because it would be insane to control our own dreams instead of thinking randomly about things we saw.

  13. Inception, much like the matrix, creates this abstract, yet probably, idea that reality may not be what it is. “You are waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you can’t be sure.” This line really represents the idea of life itself. People seem to be wondering what their purpose is through their life, and they hope that train will take them where they want them to go to, but you never know what life has in store for you.

    This movie was nominated for best picture of the year for a good reason. It really put actions into the idea that puzzles most people, who decides what is reality and is a dream. Different people are happy in different situations, and who exactly is to say that it is not ok to live in dream than go through reality. Each person has their own perspectives on life, and everyone has their own destiny. One can not define what should make people happy. This film really encompasses this idea to just let people live their lives and let them live as they please.

    1. I really like what you did with this entry; taking a captivating line from the film and relating it to our lives. I agree that this movie’s nomination was well-deserved because the film-makers used so many special effects and designs in order to make everything believable. Although your interpretation of Inception seems to be more optimistic than mine, I enjoy hearing different outlooks on it.

    2. I like the quote you chose to relate Inception to real life. Every time we try something new we don’t know where it will take us but we have a hope that it will bring positive results. The movie definetely challenges our concept of reality and it is interesting to think about different “zones” of reality.

  14. Inception was interesting to watch because I had never seen it before but always heard friends talking about it. The concept of inception is so threatening because it challenges our concept of reality. Even the main characters of the movie cannot distinguish between dream and reality. It is crazy to think about traveling into another person’s dreams. It would be a unique power to get into someones mind as they slept to control their actions because they could find out whatever facts they needed that were usally concealed by the people. Leonardo Dicapprio was able to put people into positions where they felt compfortable telling their most valued secrets (mostly regarding currensy).
    Living an entire life in a dream would be pleasing because you would never have to answer for mistakes. If we knew that no matter what, we could always go back to our regular lives then inception would allow us to live life exactly how we wanted without consequences.

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