classes taught

Holy Names University, 2014-2017 (full time)

Director of The Writer’s Craft graduate program

English 299: Chicana/o Writers and Social Justice (graduate independent study)

English/Spirituality 299: Nature Writing (graduate independent study)

English 298: Final Project (graduate thesis direction)

English 203B: Graduate Seminar in Composition Studies: Teaching College Composition

English 197/297: Harlem Renaissance (undergraduate /graduate class)

English 197/201D: Creative Non-Fiction Workshop (undergraduate /graduate class)

English 140/40: Close Encounters With Literature (Literary Criticism for English majors)

English 133/233: American Literature: Self-Images (undergraduate /graduate class)

English 131W: Struggle and Innovation: 20th C. American Literature

English 130: Race and Gender: 19th C. American Literature

English 1A: Critical Reading and Writing I

English 1B: Critical Reading and Writing II

English/Communications 108W: Professional Writing         

University of California, Merced, 2008 – 2014 (full time)

Writing Faculty

Writing 1: Academic Writing

Writing 10: Reading and Composition

Writing 25: Introduction to Creative Writing

Writing 125: The Writing of Poetry

Core 1: The World at Home

Holy Names University, Fall 2013

Lecturer of English, 1 class

English/Communications 108W: Professional Writing                                                  

Berkeley City College (Peralta), 2013

Instructor of English, 6 classes

Reading and Composition 1A (online and traditional)

Merritt College (Peralta), 2012 – 2013

Instructor of English, 3 classes

English 5: Critical Thinking (online)

English 1A: Reading and Composition

College of Marin, 2010-11

Instructor of English, 4 classes

English 151: Reading and Composition (1B) (Critical Thinking)

English 150: Reading and Composition (1A)

English 120: Introduction to College Reading and Composition II

Holy Names University, Fall 2011

Lecturer of English, 1 class

English 202C: Graduate Workshop in Professional Writing (Grant Writing graduate class)                                   

Foothill College, Winter 2009

Instructor of English, 1 class

English 110: Introduction to College Writing

California State University, Maritime, 2007-2008

Lecturer in English, 11 classes

Humanities 400: Ethics

English 220: Critical Thinking

Business 220: Business Communications

English 100: Composition

English 001: Introduction to Composition

Santa Clara University, Winter 2007

Lecturer in English, 2 classes

English 2: Composition and Rhetoric

University of Windsor, 2005-2006

Visiting Director of Writing Program, 5 classes

English 26-590: Creative Writing (full year graduate class)

English 26-596: Teaching Composition: Theory and Practice (graduate class)

English 26-399: Topics in Composition and Rhetoric (Critical Thinking)

English 26-100: Composition

California State University, Maritime, 2004-2005

Lecturer in English, 7 classes

English 400: Advanced Writing

English 220: Critical Thinking

English 110: Speech and Communication

English 100: Composition

English 001: Introduction to Composition

Johns Hopkins University (CTY), Summer 2003

Instructor of English, 2 sessions

Crafting the Essay

University of California, Berkeley, 1995-2004

Graduate Student Instructor, 14 classes

Creative Writing

The Effects of Mass Communication

The Structure of Mass Communication

Cultural History of Advertising

Alternative Sexual Identities and Communities in Contemporary American Society

Modern Southeast Asia

World Peoples and Cultures

Mills College, 1993-1994

Writing Tutor

Creative and Academic Writing

Dreamin’ Inc. Films, 1987 – 1989

Writing Workshop Instructor

Feature and documentary film writing

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