1. Collaboration – (two to four paragraphs) In these paragraphs, describe your experience with the collaborative work in this class.  You might think about what you learned, or how you learned. Synthesize diverse perspectives through collaboration in academic discourse communities. In your cover letter, you might consider discussing some of the following questions:
  • How effectively did you participate in class discussions?
  • What progress have you made in your ability to use a grading rubric to provide effective peer feedback?
  • How did you assist fellow peers in learning and using scholarly habits to enhance academic success?
  • What type of support did you provide your fellow peers?  How effective was it?
  • Given the cultural and linguistic differences among your peers, how were you able to collaborate effectively?

Required Evidence: Group Led Discussion (GLD) notes or PowerPoints, links to blogging

Supplemental Evidence: examples of peer editing, or any other work you have done in class that demonstrates where you have worked with other students to complete course material, electronic class group write-ups (if applicable)

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