1. Research Ethics – (two to four paragraphs) Apply professional ethical standards to the research process and its public representation.  In this section, please discuss your research process within the context of your writing course. Your cover letter should attend to any challenges or breakthroughs you have experienced this semester.  You might consider some or all of the following questions:
  • What sources of information have you tended to use when locating evidence for your writing?  You might consider describing these resources within your process of developing evidence-based papers. Some likely resources might include:

i.         Course Readings

ii.         Search Engines, including Google

iii.         Scholarly Research Databases

iv.         Instructors

v.         Classmates

vi.         Personal Collection

vii.         Library Shelves

viii.         Encyclopedias (online or print)

ix.         Librarians

x.         Blogs

  • What difficulties did you face with the research process? What major lessons did you learn about the research process? How did you meet the challenges? Some skill areas to consider might include:

i.         Distinguish between popular and scholarly resources

ii.         Evaluate the authority of authorship

iii.         Document all sources using discipline-appropriate citation formats for inclusion of texts as cited references

iv.         Evaluate evidence from cross-disciplinary essays and the relevancy to your discipline

v.         Maintain a scope of topic

  • When working with outside evidence, what kinds of steps do you take to prevent plagiarism?

Required Evidence: all final works cited lists

Supplemental Evidence: any additional documentations of your process of research

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