example of hybrid teaching

Writing 10

This wordpress site was created to help students to navigate successfully through the spring 2012 semester of Writing 10 at the University of California, Merced, and to create their own Writing 10 wordpress portfolios.  I leave the pages intact as they demonstrate directions for student work, student blogging and documents.  This is the only page I have changed in respect of a different reading audience. Please do look through the drop-down menus to see various course components centered around learning outcomes.

Student blogging on collaboration (WRI 10-16, WRI 10-17, WRI 10-19) may be of particular interest as collaborative learning is central to my pedagogy.

Look to “About” for hand-outs used through the semester, including assignments and additional readings.  “Introduction,” “Process,” “Rhetoric,” “Collaboration,” “Ethics,” and “Craft” sections each have information that will help in creating those pages for student portfolios.  I encourage students to contact me with any questions.  I reply to email primarily in office hours.  Visiting office hours, or asking questions in class, will always generate the most in-depth responses.

Exemplar Student Portfolios 



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