Four collections of my poetry, Six Months Rent (Black Moss Press), Pregnant Poems (Black Moss Press), Into the Peculiar Dark (The Mercury Press & bpNichol Foundation), and The Exit Show (Palimpsest Press), were published by juried literary small presses.  My first book, Six Months Rent, developed a more contained poetic voice. In my second, Pregnant Poems, I explored open and overlapping fragments as a cognitive/creative stance. Into the Peculiar Dark, my third volume, worked with binary oppositions.  Here was death and new life. I began also to work more with the mixing of aesthetic forms. The Exit Show continued to explore aesthetic synthesis, the change being that the subject matter itself is also to do with plurality, with shifting heteronormative images. Moving around into various narrative stances, with various aesthetic tools, helps me to understand a more complicated, plural, model of the world. I see value in a tremendous range of forms and explorations. Rather than link myself with one particular school of poetics, I honor aesthetic diversity and utilize fusion.

Finishing Line Press published my poetry chapbook, when the light of any action ceases, in spring 2016.

For review excerpts go to: praise for the poetry.

For a few quick links go to:

To Red Rock Beach

Night Music Journal Featured Writer Interview

The Exit Show (look inside)

poetry at commuterlit.com

The Danforth Review_Interview



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