1. Process – (two to four paragraphs) Demonstrate engagement with the multi-stage processes of critical reading, formal writing, and public speaking. In your cover letter, you might consider discussing some of the following questions:
  • What progress have you made in being able to compare, contrast, and synthesize academic materials in general and course readings in particular?
  • What major lessons have you learned about revising written assignments by incorporating relevant faculty and peer feedback?
  • What have you learned about your writing processes and the expectations of the larger academic community?
  • What progress have you made in gaining skills to speak effective in public and to particular audiences?

Required Evidence: three drafts of each essay, my written evaluations posted as comments

Supplemental Evidence: your hand-written diagnostic in pdf format, your revised diagnostic in pdf format, any additional work toward your essays

51 thoughts on “Process

  1. kimihiro132

    Hello! My documents are ready to be viewed. Please let me know if you can not read them or any issue comes up with viewing them (although none should appear). Thank you.

  2. hannahrmiller

    I have finished uploading the PDF versions of my handwritten and revised essay onto my wordpress page. My URL is

  3. bbamsch

    I’ve uploaded my scanned first draft and edited second draft for the Writing Diagnostic.

  4. rmanalac

    My revised diagnostic is up, I’ll have my written scanned and uploaded as soon as possible!

    -Ryan M. (

    *Sorry if this is a duplicate post, when I hit post comment my internet browser crashed!


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