lovePoems. completed manuscript in publisher review, 2017

when the light of any action ceases. 31 pp. Publishing Editor: Leah Maines. Georgetown: Finishing Line Press, 2016

The Exit Show. 91 pp. Publishing Editor: Dawn Kresan. Kingsville: Palimpsest Press, 2003

Into the Peculiar Dark. 92 pp. Editor for the Press: Frank Davey. Toronto: The Mercury Press & The bpNichol Foundation, 1998

Pregnant Poems. 64 pp. Publishing Editor: Marty Gervais. Windsor: Black Moss Press, 1994

Six Months Rent. 64 pp. Editor for the Press: Rod Wilmot. Windsor: Black Moss Press, 1991

if a book is a map: grief, recovery and hurtling forward. completed manuscript in literary agent and publisher review, 2017

American Urban Poetics:  linestraffickingimageslikestreets.  168 pp. Poetics.  Saarbrücken:  VDM, 2010

Ghostships: Oakland’s American Urban Poetic.   manuscript in research stage, 2017

Then’s Elsewhere. Poetry. Author: Rebekah Edwards. Editor for the Press: Angela Szczepaniak. Richmond: Redwood Coast Press, 2010

bite to eat place: an anthology of contemporary food poetry and poetic prose. Poetry and Poetic Prose. Oakland: Redwood Coast Press, 1995
Improv. Poetry. Author: Andrea Adolph. Oakland: Redwood Coast Press, 1994

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