selected papers, lectures & readings

2023  Presented the “memoir and counter story-telling” section of the “Creating Space for Learning through Compassionate Practices” panel with Alesya Petty and Kirsten Schwartz at the “Trauma-Informed Teaching Symposium: Toward a Practice and Pedagogy of Care in the University,” University of California, Merced

Presented “So a Choose Your Own Adventure walks into a Class” workshop for Writing Across the Curriculum workshop series (, San José State University

2021   “Memoir to College: Writing College Admissions Essay,” at Cinnamon Girl. A series of workshops for young women of color. In small groups young women brainstorm writing their most compelling stories for college essays and short answer questions. We focus on writing that is unique, personal, and oriented to get applications noticed. The goal is to present to parents and young adults all the insight we have so they are supported to gain entry into their preferred colleges with merit scholarships and other forms of support, Spring and Fall 2021

“anti-racist spaces: labor-based grading contracts” with Dawn Trook, “Creating Space” conference, College Writing Programs, University of California, Berkeley, January 2021

“Baptism by Fire: Fostering Connection in the Virtual Classroom,” with Carmen Acevedo Butcher, Mary Grover, and Lindsey Lanfersieck, “Creating Space” conference, College Writing Programs, University of California, Berkeley, January 2021

2019     2019 Day without Art reading, Pandemonium Press ( “A Quilt with Riley’s name sewn in (I tell Jamil at night when he asks)” and ” Sunken ” at the Berkeley downtown library, 2019

“Hoopoes and Dybbuks: Immigrant and Refugee Voices,” with Ewa Chrusciel, Gazmend Kapllani, Theophilus Kwek, Meaza Petros. This panel explores immigrant and refugee voices, questions of who is able to speak and who speaks for whom, and ideas of (always porous) borders between migrants, communities, and narratives. It considers what stories can be told. These voices can manifest themselves as hoopoes who dictate their letters to the olive tree of exile, to paraphrase Mahmoud Darwish, and dybbuks, the displaced souls of dead persons. Of particular interest are topics that include urban experience and consciousness. AWP Conference & Bookfair, 2019

Hosted multiple student, faculty, and visiting author readings and discussions, Holy Names University, 2014-2019

2018     Reader for Literature and Dirges, Pegasus Books (Berkeley), May 16, 2018

“beating heart of the track,” an interactive performance designed by Dawn Trook and based on poetry by Anne F. Walker. The poems take place during a cross-country train trip and reflect on landscape and bodies and the memories rooted there. The performance included readings, images-in-motion by Trook, spontaneous music by Devina Jimenez, visual art by Tonya Lopez-Craig and her Conceptual Art Class from UC Merced. As part of the performance, photographers document, entering the space as a tourist and making still the bodies in motion. A question and answer session with the collaborators followed the event, (, Merced Multicultural Arts Center, February 24, 2018,

2017     Six poems from Ink and Ink and Flesh and Length used in multi-media event with music by Marvin Glenn and photographic presentation by Misha Bruk, Mount Shasta, December 27

Reader for Nostos, College of Marin and Copperfield’s Books (San Rafael), October and November 2017

“Writing Memory” salon, Holy Names University, October 3, 2017

LivvnArt LLC Literary, Artist Paul Grass, created “Beating Heart of the Track,” a collections of visual art to accompany six poems from Ink and Ink and Flesh and Length on limited edition broadsides, displayed on Fall Tour, 2017

Six poems from Ink and Ink and Flesh and Length used in multi-media event titled “The Beating Heart of the Track,” visual art by Andie Vas, music by Antonio Domenick and contemporary performance art by Dawn Trook, photographed by Misha Bruk, Bay Vista Room, Holy Names University, ( September 28, 2017

Reader, with David Brehmer and others, Bay Area Generations #47 at Piano Fight, San Francisco, July 24, 2017

Reader for Richmond Poet Laureate Invitational Reading, May 3, City Hall, Richmond, California 2017

Author/reader for Richmond Anthology of Poetry readings, April 22 and May 26, Richmond Public Library, Richmond, California 2017

Poetry workshop leader and featured reader at “Write! Look! Listen!” Reading Series, University of California, Merced, February 3, 2017

Author/reader for Richmond Anthology of Poetry readings, December 10 and 15, Richmond, California 2016

2016     Invited reader at “Resuscitation!,” Merced, October 8, 2016

2015    “Walt Whitman and Urban Poetics” guest lecture and talk, Holy Names University, March 17, 2015

2010     Featured Reader at “Lines of Flight,” Merced, California: introductory reader John Ross, special appearance by Stephen Mayu Jr., live music and short experimental films between sets of poetry, February 7, 2010

2009     Faculty Reading with Nick Valdez, Dawn Trook, Christopher Ramirez, Loren Qualls, John Hundley and Carol Ellis, University of California, Merced, October 8, 2009

2007     Panel Chair and Co-proposer (with Raymond Hsu) of “Cosmopolitics: Location and the Arts in 19th and 20th Century U.S. Cultural Production” for the American Studies Association, Philadelphia, October 12, 2007

Speaker, “Publishing Narrative” panel of “Professional Survival day,” Mills College,  March 3, 2007

Speaker, San Francisco State University, “Interdisciplinary Research and Program Development,” March 1, 2007

Featured Reader with Public Interview, University of Southern California, February 21, 2007

Featured Reader with Public Interview, University of Alberta, February 8, 2007

2005-2006   The Windsor Series (Readings):  University of Windsor Literary Quickie September 23, 2005;  Phog November 8, 2005;  University of Windsor Literary Quickie November 11, 2005; University of Windsor CJAM radio live January 16, 2006; University of Windsor Literary Quickie February 14, 2006; University of Windsor CJAM radio live April 10, 2006

President’s Dissertation-Year Speaker in Ethnic Studies, UC Berkeley: “Poetic Interrelations in American Urban Poetics” May 3, 2005

President’s Dissertation-Year Speaker at the Center for Ideas and Society, UC Riverside: “In the Strange Fields of this City:  Urban Poetic Interrelations” January 20, 2005

2004     Speaker, the California State University, Maritime: “Poet, Editor and Publisher Anne F. Walker converses about The Role of Speech and Communication in the Literary Community,” November 10, 2004

Featured Reader with Public Interview, Department of English, Kent State, Stark, October 19 2004

Feature Performer for the Exit Magazine Spring Distribution event on the UC Berkeley Campus.  Event hosted by the Cal Slam Manager and National Champions Cal Poetry Slam Team coach Emily Kagan. The event was co-produced with Cal Queer Students of Color, April 27 2004

“Temporal dislocations in Urban Poetics” presented at the “Cities of the Mind” conference, The Department of English, University of Toronto, January 24 2004

2003     Participant at Windsor Festival of the Book, including readings and talks at the University of Windsor, November 14-17 2003

“In The Mecca:  Gwendolyn Brooks’ Poetic Architecture” accepted for the 2003 Northeast Modern Language Association panel “Poetry and Space:  20th Century American Quest for Location,” Chaired by Elisabeth Joyce, 2003

2002     “Remembering Something You Forgot” accepted by Deborah Bowen for the 2002 Northeast Modern Language Association panel on “Literary Representations of Toronto,” 2002

1993-1999 Speaker, “The Body Eclectic:  Navigating Public and Private Space” Louisiana State University, Louisiana, 1999

Speaker, “ON THE H ORIZON! bpNICHOL AFTER 10” Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver, British Columbia, 1998

“‘Civil Elegies’ In Hypermodern Toronto” accepted by Alice Palumbo, University of Toronto, for the “Inscribing the Canadian Urban Space” panel at the meeting of the Modern Language Association, 1997

Speaker, the University of Toronto, “Pregnant Poems and Small Press Publishing,” Fall 1994

Guest Poet through California Poets in the Schools, 1993

Performer:  Toronto, Vancouver, Berkeley, Oakland, LA, Fresno, Marin, San Francisco, Baton Rouge, Windsor, more specifically at:  UC Berkeley (Holloway Series, Faculty Club Writers’ Events, and The Bear’s Lair), University of Toronto, York University, Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Mills College, Barnes and Nobel, Cody’s, Black Oak Books, Borders Books and Music, Pacific Film Archive, Collected Thoughts, Fat Albert’s, Writers and Company, The Idler, Art Bar, IV Lounge Reading Series, Mama Bear’s, Old Wives’ Tales, The Poetry Center, Baton Rouge Art Gallery, and more, 1984 – present

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