I have consistently been active in service work in both my academic and social environments.  Concentrations of administrative service have been in program management and improvement, writing committees, curriculum development, disability and academic appeals, assisting at-risk students, advocating for low-income students with families, admissions, hiring, managing arts competition involvement, and union support. In addition to the academic areas listed below I volunteered as a business manager for a total of four years to nonprofits in Richmond: I am skilled in the compassionate detail work of unifying disparate personalities around common values.

Through the years grant work has invited me with its continual call for collaboration, research, puzzle solving, and clear goal-focused writing. Before working with grants full time, I had won more than 35 highly competitive grants and awards in Arts and Education. This grant work was interwoven with a teaching career focused on supporting under-served communities (predominantly Pell-qualified and first-generation college students). In my pandemic pause from teaching, I turned that passion for equity into writing for Social Justice, Arts, and Education. The Loyola Marymount University certificate course in Grant Writing and Nonprofit Management Training (510 hour) sharpened my knowledge of best practices, as did the Freelance Writers Den. I wrote grants for Asian Americans for Community Involvement (ACCI) through the height of the pandemic.



Cinnamon Girl

Memoir to College Coordinator and Workshop Leader, Cinnamon Girl (, San Francisco, Spring & Fall 2021

University of California, Berkeley

General Planning Committee, “Creating Space” conference (, College Writing Programs, University of California, Berkeley, December 2020

Analytic Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) online reader, University of California, 2020

Representative to Graduate Assembly Student Parent Taskforce, including editing Academic Senate “Graduate Council Student Parent Policies” documents for academic accommodations;  Family Student Housing Representative for Priority Transfer Process, 2003 – 2004

Mentor and Advisor to undergraduate parents, and Consultant for family housing grant applications and proposals, 2002 – 2003

Writer contributing language, written narratives and financial documents for Financial Aid’s reassessment of “Family Maintenance Expenses,” 2002

Grant-writer, UC Village Student Family Housing, grant analyst and writer for funding targeted toward increasing affordability of student family housing for low-income and at-risk groups, and recreational programs.  Designed potential interaction of HUD and the University of California for federally subsidized family housing, 2001

Graduate Appeal Writer through the Disabled Students’ Program, 2000

Curriculum Designer:  created the interdisciplinary PhD program in American Urban Poetics: conceptualization; faculty, curriculum, and constituent field development;  administrative organization with the Committee on Interdisciplinary Programs of the Graduate Council, 1998 – 1999

Graduate Student Representative/Reader for Graduate Admissions in Geography, 1996 and 1997

Building Representative, Smyth-Fernwald Family Housing, 1996 and 1997

Holy Names University

Past Chair of Faculty Senate, 2018-2019

Faculty Mentor for Raskob student’s after-school Writing Group, Spring 2019

Senate Appointments Committee Member, 2018-2019

Institutional Planning Council Member, Fall 2018

Chair of Faculty Senate, 2017-2018

Co-Chair of the Institutional Planning Council, 2017-2018

Member of Academic Affairs Subcommittee for the Board of Trustees, 2016-2018

Academic Administrative Council Member, 2016-2018

Undergraduate Curriculum and Standards Committee (ex officio member as Faculty Senate Chair), 2017-2018

Appointments Committee ex officio member as Faculty Senate Chair, 2017-2018

Working Group Committee member in Arts and Humanities Division for two groups: “Streamlining course offerings in English” and “Creating a Concentration in English,” 2017

Camp HNU Steering Committee Member, 2017

Director, The Writer’s Craft Graduate English Program, 2014-2017

Graduate Curriculum and Standards Committee Member, 2014-2017

Vice Chair of Faculty Senate, 2016-2017

Chair of Faculty Welfare Committee, 2016-2017

Institutional Planning Council Member, 2016-2017

Chair of Ad Hoc Intellectual Property Committee, Holy Names University, 2016-2017

Chair of Graduate Curriculum and Standards Committee, 2015-2016

Admission and Admissions Policy Senate Committee Member, 2015-2016

Core Competency Committee ad hoc participant, CETL, Spring 2015

Co-Chair (with Bob Ludwig), Graduate Hybrid Teaching and Adult Oriented Programs Ad Hoc Committee, Holy Names University, Fall 2015

The Writer’s Craft Consultant, assessing current program, making recommendations for changes, connecting with writers and writing programs in the area, and guiding the marketing a more attractive MA, Holy Names University, 2013-14

University Of California, Merced

Academic Review Committee (ARC) Committee Member, 2012- 2014

Analytic Writing Placement Examination (AWPE) online reader, University of California system-wide, 2011 -2013

The Professional Development Reading Group (Faculty Instructional Group), Merced, Fall 2012

Reader for New Hires Committee arm of the Personnel Committee Member, Spring 2012

Curriculum Development: Writing 1 “language / cultural diversity” emphasis (Fall 2011); “Workshop in Professional Writing, Grant Writing” (Fall 2011); Writing 10 “American literature and culture” emphasis class concentrating on skills of interpreting readings through multiple perspectives (Spring 2012 hybrid course); 2011 – 2012

Curriculum Committee Member, Online Sub-Committee, Merritt Writing Program, University of California, Merced, Spring 2010

New Hires Committee arm of the Personnel Committee Member, Merritt Writing Program, University of California, Merced, Spring 2009

University of Windsor

Director of University Writing Program, 2005 – 2006

Initiator and Director of the Bridge Program Development Taskforce, with graduate student researchers, created the program designed to access bright at-risk teenagers to University classes and mentorship (based on Upward Bound), 2005 – 2006

Mentor for graduate student analysis of multiple conference panels, 2005 – 2006

California State University, Maritime

California Faculty Association Executive Council Member, Secretary, Maritime, 2005

Student Advocate (Academic and Disability Appeals), 2004 – 2005

Writing Program Committee Member (Writing Across the Curriculum, Writing in the Disciplines, Graduate Writing Examination), 2004 – 2005

Redwood Coast Press & Dreamin’ Inc Films

Founding publisher, Redwood Coast Press, 1995 – 2014

Film Producer, Dreamin’ Inc. Films, Toronto, 1987 – 1989

York University

Organizer and Mediator:  independently organized and mediated open-forum discussion and question period between striking part-time faculty and administration, for student awareness, 1984

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