so a choose your own adventure walks into a class …

This workshop series joins the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) series at San José State University (SJSU) in spring of 2023. Here is SJSU’s link.

So a Choose Your Own Adventure Walks Into a Class… With Anne F. Walker, Department of English and Comparative Literature

The Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) series of assignments gives students freedom to try on and refine multimedia approaches—such as scripts, infographics, fan fiction, collage, real or imagined interviews, opinion pieces, podcasts, videos, poetic response, genre mimicking, infomercials, and short essays—to find their own best methods to engage with texts. This flexible approach can work across departments and divisions.

The workshop first outlines how CYOAs worked in English 1A, and then explores potential in courses represented by participants. We will work as a cohort, learning from one another. Questions include: what activities might you put on your CYOA list? how might this focus course learning outcomes and goals for your class and discipline? what kind of fun can you and your students have with this? how would it work in the arts or sciences, humanities or social sciences?

The workshop will be enriched, and ideas developed, by attending faculty.

Workshop Materials:

inhabit your strengths warm up

tracing the idea

CYOA introductory video for students

CYOA page from Canvas

one CYOA very detailed (read: overcomplicated, I’m still learning) option

1A CYOA draft 1 prompt

1A CYOA draft 2 prompt

1A CYOA final prompt

some ideas from the workshop participants

CYOA for English 2